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About JRG Asbestos Research:

JRG Asbestos Research is owned by Joel R. Gallagher, a former employee of a major New York City plaintiff firm specializing in asbestos litigation from 2001-2009. We are located in Silver Spring, MD within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. JRG Asbestos Research believes that its clients' needs are of the utmost importance. We understand the special and specific needs of plaintiff law firms seeking information that will help serve their clients' best interests. 

Because of Joel R. Gallagher's extensive experience in the field of asbestos litigation, JRG Asbestos Research can do more than just simply provide your firm with naval records. We will provide you with specific and relevant information that will help you litigate your case effectively and efficiently. Unlike the competition, Joel R. Gallagher has personally worked on many trial cases and is familiar with asbestos-related lawsuits. We are therefore very familiar with the specific reasons for your request and are uniquely able to provide you with the information you seek. In addition to the records you request, we will provide supplementary forms which will list the manufacturers of all potentially asbestos-containing equipment and products installed, repaired or present during a naval ship's construction and during the time frame of your client's naval service or shipyard work. 

We continuously outperform our competition by providing law firms with a superior and less costly work product while shipping requested records within in a shorter time frame. The opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry is all that we ask for.


14424 Cantrell Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905


Monday - Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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